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Healthy Eyes for Safer Driving

Driving is a task that requires good vision. Ontario’s laws lay out a standard of vision needed to get your license—in order to get a driver’s license in Ontario, you need:

  • Visual acuity that is not poorer than 20/50, as measured by the Snellen Rating.
  • A horizontal visual field of at least 120 continuous degrees along the horizontal meridian and at least 15 continuous degrees above and below fixation.

Renewing a license that has expired for over a year also requires an eye exam. We can perform the necessary tests and help you with the paperwork provided.

If you don’t meet the above requirements without visual correction, we can help. Book an appointment at Birring Eyecare to assess your vision.

What If You Wear Glasses or Contact Lenses?

Birring Eyecare welcomes patients who rely on corrective lenses. For your driver’s license eye exam, please bring your glasses or contact lenses.  

Our optometrists will assess your vision with and without correction to help you meet the minimum visual acuity standards. The exam will also evaluate your peripheral vision and may include a colour vision test, depending on the specific license class requirements.

Contact lens wearers should be prepared to remove and reinsert their lenses during the exam. Bringing your lens solution and a case is recommended.

What Are the Vision Testing Requirements?

At Birring Eyecare, we understand the importance of clear vision for safe driving. Our driver’s license eye exams are designed to help you meet the vision standards set by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation.

Visual Acuity

This test measures your ability to see details at a distance. You’ll be asked to read letters or symbols from a chart, both with and without your corrective lenses (glasses or contacts), if you wear them. The minimum acceptable visual acuity is 20/40 in each eye separately or 20/60 in one eye if the other meets the 20/40 standard.

This test assesses your side (peripheral) vision, which is crucial for safe driving as it allows you to detect objects and potential hazards out of your direct line of sight.

While not mandatory for all driver’s licenses in Ontario, some classes may require a colour vision test. This test ensures you can distinguish between red, green, and yellow traffic signals.

What If You Don’t Meet the Vision Requirements?

Failing a driver’s license eye exam can be frustrating, but our optometrists will explain the vision requirements in detail and discuss potential solutions to improve your chances of passing the exam on your next try. 

This might involve updating your current glasses or contact lens prescription, exploring different corrective lens options, or addressing other underlying eye conditions that could be impacting your vision, such as:

  • Vision Therapy: In some cases, vision therapy exercises can help improve specific visual skills necessary for driving, such as focusing, eye teaming, and peripheral awareness. We can assess if vision therapy is a suitable option for you.
  • Referral to an Ophthalmologist: If your vision issues require specialized care, we can refer you to an ophthalmologist for further evaluation and treatment.

Remember: Failing the vision test doesn’t disqualify you from getting a driver’s license—it simply means you need to take steps to meet the minimum vision standards. The Birring Eyecare team is here to support you throughout the process.

Book an Eye Exam at Birring Eyecare in Mississauga

At Birring Eyecare, we understand the importance of clear vision for safe driving. Our experienced optometrists will guide you through the driver’s license eye exam process to help you meet the vision requirements for obtaining your license.

Let’s work together to secure the clear vision needed for safe driving. Contact Birring Eyecare today to schedule an appointment and discuss your options.

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