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Healthy Eyes For Safer Driving

Driving is a task that requires good vision. Ontario’s laws lay out a standard of vision needed to get your license; in order to get a driver’s license in Ontario, you need:

  • Visual acuity that is not poorer than 20/50, as measured by the Snellen Rating.
  • A horizontal visual field of at least 120 continuous degrees along the horizontal meridian, and at least 15 continuous degrees above and below fixation.

Renewing a license that has expired for over a year also requires an eye exam. We can perform the necessary tests and help you with the paperwork provided.If you don’t meet the above requirements without visual correction, we can help. Book an appointment with us to assess your vision.

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Find us in the Malton neighbourhood’s Westwood Square Shopping Centre, 10 minutes north of Pearson International Airport on Goreway Drive between Etude and Morning Star Drive, just off Highway 427 in Mississauga.

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