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Ward Yourself Against the Silent Thief of Sight

Glaucoma is a leading cause of blindness worldwide. Called the “silent thief of sight” because it often has no symptoms until damage has been done, routine eye exams can help detect glaucoma before it damages your vision. That’s where Birring Eyecare comes in. 

Catching glaucoma is vital for preserving your vision. Visit our skilled optometrists for an exam to find the help you need today!

What is Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is a group of eye diseases that damage the optic nerve. This damage is irreversible but can be managed if the disease is caught early. Many types of glaucoma are associated with raised intraocular pressure (IOP), however some types of glaucoma can occur without affecting your IOP levels.

Types of Glaucoma

Primary Open-Angle Glaucoma

Primary open-angle glaucomais the most common form of the disease, affecting 90% of Canadians with glaucoma. It occurs when intraocular pressure rises due to a build-up of fluid within the eye, leading to pressure on the optic nerve. Peripheral vision is often affected first, but you might not notice symptoms unless you have a comprehensive eye exam.

Also known as closed-angle glaucoma, angle-closure glaucoma is much rarer and is considered a medical emergency. This type of glaucoma often has sudden symptoms, including eye pain, redness, nausea, and even vision loss. It occurs when the drainage angle in the eye between the cornea and iris closes, raising your IOP levels rapidly.

Secondary glaucoma is caused by an external factor like an injury, infection, medical condition, medication, and even eye surgery.

Normal-tension glaucoma is a bit of a mystery, but researchers are working to understand it. Intraocular pressure remains normal, but damage to the optic nerve still occurs.

How We Detect Glaucoma

Glaucoma can be detected during a routine eye exam. A tonometry test checks the pressure inside your eye. At Birring Eyecare, we use both Goldman applanation tonometry and non-contact tonometry to monitor the health of your eyes.

Glaucoma Risk factors

There are many risk factors for glaucoma, including: 

  • Certain ethnic backgrounds, including African American, Irish, Russian, Japanese, Hispanic, Inuit, or Scandinavian.
  • Ageing. Those over 40 have a higher risk of developing glaucoma.
  • A family history of glaucoma.
  • Being either nearsighted or farsighted.
  • Poor vision.
  • Diabetes.
  • Taking certain steroid medications.
  • Certain drugs for bladder control or seizures, or some over-the-counter cold remedies.
  • Eye injuries.
  • Thin corneas.
  • High blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, or sickle cell anemia.
  • High eye pressure.

Eye exams test for glaucoma regardless of your risk factors, but if you have any of the signs above, be sure to discuss your risk of glaucoma with your eye doctor.

Glaucoma Treatments

Glaucoma is a chronic condition that currently has no cure, but there are treatments available. These can slow the progression of glaucoma and preserve your sight. Treatments include:

Our optometrists are ready to provide ongoing care and management of glaucoma. Visit us to set your care plan in place.

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